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Our Focus Areas

Flexible Staffing Assignments: 
We have a reputation for supplying top calibre flexible staff, drawn from a substantial talent pool of highly skilled and motivated professionals across a broad range of Engineering, Finance and IT Contractors. We have the infrastructure and resources to rapidly deploy flexi-staff contractors enabling clients to manage business demands or specific project fulfilment. 

Independent Contract or Interim Assignments: 
We have an extensive network of highly skilled and experienced Engineering, Finance and IT Contractors, at all levels and across specific roles, available for independent contract or interim assignments. Our contract staff are supplied on a ‘time and material’ or SOW basis which assists organisations in managing their internal costs effectively. 

Project Staffing:
We provide customised, outcomes-based project management services, including analysis of project requirements, development of an implementation plan and staffing of the project. This ensures that experienced professionals can meet specific project needs, while being managed by Network Contracting Solutions. Our services include the deployment an experienced Project Manager on-site to manage bulk contract workforces, and the day-to-day management of contract staff (including management of all IR and HR issues and/ or SOW and full contract management, inclusive of strict measurable metrics).

Managed Service Provider (MSP):

We offer specialist resourcing services, best-of-breed labour practices and a solutions-based approach to contract and resourcing management, adding significant value to our clients through effective project management and professional services. 

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a service where we assume primary responsibility for the management of sourcing, engagement and administration of temporary, contract and other non-permanent workers, ensuring that costs are managed correctly and efficiently. 

We will take responsibility for:
Programme Management for the full contract lifecycle
Reporting and tracking of all roles, workforce and costs as per client requirements 
Supplier selection and management 
Order distribution 
Billing Management 
Managed on a VMS – SAP Fieldglass
Physical presence on the clients site 
Can be a supplier or contacting talent or may be agnostic (non-supplier) 
Onboarding and Offboarding
Timesheet Management